MUSICA MONICA FEASTER - Music Producer @ Feasterofthegospel.com

MUSICA MONICA FEASTER - Music Producer @ Feasterofthegospel.com


Musica Monica Feaster is the owner and music producer at feasterofthegospel.com.  She creates inspirational music of various genre of sounds with divine uplifting lyrics.  Musica is a Music Producer/ Composer, and Artist. Her specialty is creating contemporary/urban beats and inspirational songs. Although she produces most genre of sounds, her focus is inspirational.  And her original genre is Christian/Gospel music. She creates, writes, sings, raps, produces, composes, arranges, harmonizes and mixes her own original music. Among music producers worldwide only 2% are female, a rare group, of which Musica is a member of. In addition, she is an advocate of building the presence of Female Music Producers to establish their place in the music industry with its shortages of female producers!

Musica Monica feaster with her Cousin Cherrelle

From Left to right: Musica Monica Feaster, Cherrelle, J. B. Feaster

Here's a throwback photo of Musica at age 17. The photo displays Musica out with her sinsational 80's 'Saturday Love' Cousin and Cherrelle's late Father/Attorney/Manager J. B. Feaster (Musica's uncle and the brother of her father, Reverend C Feaster).


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